Advertising campaigns don’t fail when you choose the wrong medium. Ad campaigns fail when you choose the wrong message. “The only thing that works in advertising is what you say and how many times you say it.” Radio ads can be extremely powerful! But sometimes radio ads sound far too much like well, like radio ads! Your message needs to connect with your customers and always answer the question, “Why?” Why should your potential customer buy your product? When you put the right product at the right price on the right radio station with the right reach and frequency AND a compelling message, you will have success using radio!

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Radio is known for its great storytelling, emotional connection and is the #1 trusted medium for information and entertainment, whenever and wherever the listener wants and needs it.

According to a 2023 iHeartMedia survey, radio is the #1 trusted medium in the U.S., with 75% of respondents saying they trust radio for the information and entertainment it delivers.

Radio serves many purposes to help businesses grow. Whether the goal is to drive awareness, traffic or sales, radio matters to any brand’s media plan because quite simply, radio works.

Over the years, Rich Broadcasting has worked with 100s of categories of businesses. While every category and business within is unique, one thing remains consistent across the board, radio works to drive business and brand growth.

With radio dominating weekly reach, per Nielsen, and commanding the highest share of trust in advertising in communities across the U.S., as Inside Radio reports, radio can help deliver engaged consumers to a brand’s doorstep.

Rich Broadcasting’s ability to target audiences, tell engaging stories, and connect and drive commerce sets it apart from other media channels in its ability to drive business and brand growth in many categories of business.

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