Idaho Falls, Idaho – Rich Broadcasting is proud to announce that multiple GEM Awards were received by two Rich Broadcasting team members, Shaggy and Don Jarrett.

Shaggy, Program Director/On-Air talent for The Pick, 94.9 and 104.5, garnered two GEM Awards this year. One entry, a spot entered in the Radio Self-Promotion category, received an Opal award. The promo was produced by Shaggy and voiced by Jen Sweeny.

Shaggy also received a Star Garnet for his TV ad under the “Single Under 5K Category.” The TV spot was filmed, produced, and directed by Shaggy.

“I am incredibly psyched to walk away with 2 GEM Awards this year,” said Shaggy. “When you work hard and let your creativity shine, great things can happen! Thank you!”

A Star Garnet award was received by Don Jarrett, Program Director/Morning Show Host for The Wolf, 96.1 and 102.1, for his 2021 Werewolf Promo. The spot, produced by Don, and featuring Brian Lee as the voiceover talent, was entered in the Radio Self-Promotion category.

Commenting on his GEM Award, Don said “It’s an honor for your creativity and hard work to be recognized by such a great organization! Thank you!”

Rich Broadcasting would like to thank the Board Members of the GEM Awards for their hard work in putting together this event to recognize outstanding talent in Idaho. The entire Rich Broadcasting team is looking forward to another year of creative production and excellent promotions for their clients.