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Rich Broadcasting Announces Major Expansion Of KID Broadcast Footprint

Rich Broadcasting Announces Major Expansion Of KID Broadcast Footprint

In a major expansion of its KID broadcasting reach, Rich Broadcasting today announced the addition of three more frequencies that will carry the newsradio station’s programming and advertising.

In making the announcement, Rich Broadcasting President and CEO Richard Mecham said KID programming (590 AM & 92.1 FM) now will be heard, effective Monday, January 11, also on Idaho Falls station 106.3 FM (KQEZ), as well as Jackson, Wyoming, stations KSGT (1340 AM) and 96.3 FM, significantly adding to its programming reach.

“KID has served the eastern Idaho market since 1928,” Mecham said, “and we are both pleased and excited to substantially expand its impact and coverage with the addition of three more frequencies, which not only will substantially expand its geographical reach but also, and very significantly, will enhance its night-time coverage.

“For a long time, KID has been, and continues to be, the predominant news and information resource in the region,” he continued. “With the addition of 106.3 FM, it now will be heard regionally from Ashton to Pocatello. Additionally, we are very pleased to expand the KID brand into the Teton County radio market, and in the process enhance the synergy between the eastern Idaho and Jackson markets. We look forward to providing to our listeners the very best in news and information for years to come.”

Commercial & business impact

Noting that synergy between markets, Rich Broadcasting General Manager DeLyn Hendricks underscored the business-related and commercial significance of KID’s now-expanded and wide regional coverage.

“We understand the impact and success that KID has had in eastern Idaho since 1928,” she said. “With the substantially expanded coverage of adding 106.3 FM, as well as KSGT 1340 AM and 96.3 FM in Jackson, we are excited, and now able, to deliver our advertisers’ messages more effectively, to an expanded range of consumers in eastern Idaho and the Upper Valley, as well as in Jackson Hole.

“This powerhouse station,” she added, “will ensure coverage that surpasses any other by a wide margin. One of the multiple significant factors is that our advertisers now can deliver their message regionally on one station to a massive consumer audience in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and the Teton Valley markets. We’re confident this will provide a terrific opportunity for business owners who truly understand the power of their advertising investment on radio!”

Expanded reach for news & information

KID Program Director and morning news host Neal Larson sees the station’s expanded broadcast reach as a highly meaningful benefit to what now will be an even larger audience.

“With this year’s major Presidential election season underway,” he said, “there’s no better time to expand the reach of our incredibly successful news and talk programming, including our regional morning show with Cala Curtis and me, along with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage. Our expansion is one that our listeners will be excited about. KID’s rich heritage across this region just gets bigger and better with these changes.

“It’s hard to overestimate the power of KID’s heritage in the region,” he continues, “and we’re more than thrilled to make it bigger and better than it has ever been, now adding a whole new audience on the FM dial in the Upper Snake River Valley and  also in Wyoming.”

About the company

Rich Broadcasting, LLC (www.richbroadcasting.com) is a broadcast group of 19 radio stations, specializing in small-market radio with a mission to reconnect listeners with their radio stations by utilizing cutting-edge technology, mobile devices, online streaming, and adopting the philosophy, “We will ‘talk’ to and connect with our listeners, using 21st-century technology!”

The company is led by Richard Mecham, a 34-year veteran of the radio business. Prior to founding Rich Broadcasting, he managed Bonneville International’s flagship Salt Lake City stations KSL Television and KSL Newsradio, winner of multiple NAB Crystal Radio Awards.

Rich Broadcasting’s strategic plan and business model focus on continued growth as they position the company to become one of the preeminent small-market radio operators in the Rocky Mountain region.

Blending a focus on quality programming with an all-out commitment to the communities it serves, Rich Broadcasting brings a unique broadcast perspective to its regional markets and its client partners.

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